Hot Lunch Program


Corpus Christi Academy provides a hot lunch program through the Diocese of Cleveland service and following National School Lunch Program guidelines. All meals are peanut-free as well as our school kitchen.


  • Children eat lunch each day in the gym. Tables are set up and children are provided the hot lunch they ordered or may eat their packed lunch.
  • A menu of lunches is sent home each month, allowing you and your student to make daily choices on a monthly basis.
  • Only the main item choice needs to be indicated on the order form. The student chooses side dishes in the serving line. Milk is included in the purchase of a hot lunch.
  • Milk can be ordered in advance as well. Indicate “M” if child is ordering just milk. Instructions are on the order form.
  • If your child packs and forgets his or her lunch, encourage them to notify the teacher first thing in the morning. Please send in payment next day in envelope marked “CAFETERIA” with student’s name on it. Every child should have a lunch to eat!


  • Price for lunch will be set at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year. (The price for 2015-16 was $2.75 and milk was 50 cents.)
  • Place payment and order form in envelope marked CAFETERIA. Include child’s name and teacher’s name (Room # not necessary)
  • Make checks payable to DOC Nutrition Services. If paying by cash, you must send in the exact amount.  Combine all siblings order forms into one envelope and combine payment into one check….at this time, a credit card payment option or online billing is unavailable; the program coordinator is aware of the concern and it may be a future option.
  • You are responsible for keeping track of absences – just make a note of it on the following month’s order form.


  • Forms will be sent home at the beginning of the school year. Please fill out and return to the school office. Families can apply at any time during the school year.

To reach the Cafeteria Manager Danielle Toomey, please call the school office and leave a message.  Thank you!