5th Grade STREAM partners with Akron Zoo!

Today’s parents expect next-generation learning to be part of any Catholic school education.  Across the US, business leaders are having difficulty finding enough talent to stay competitive. Corpus Christi Academy partnered with the Akron Zoo has introduced a type of blended learning that stresses STEM alongside religion and art.  Corpus Christi Academy and Akron Zoo call it STREAM – Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Math.  STREAM promotes culture of innovation and commitment to ethical behavior.  STREAM also fosters an environment that encourages problem solving and to become participants in the 21st century education and to “think forward”!

Corpus Christi Academy embrace science and technology. Part of this is driven by Pope Francis call for “ecological conversion” which discusses the need to prevent environmental degradation, particularly since it affects the “lives of the worlds’ poorest.” Pope Francis, supports sciences, by declaring in 2014 that “God is not a magician with a magic wand” and that the theory of evolution is compatible with the Catholic faith.

Corpus Christi Academy’s 5th grade class is learning about endangered species while the Akron Zoo asks the 5th graders how their actions can help endangered species through a program called “Cans for Corridors”.  The students will develop their own “Cans for Corridors” project showing that Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is a powerful tool for real-world problems.

Corpus Christi Academy’s 5th graders are collecting aluminum cans for Akron Zoo’s “Cans for Corridors” while analyzing and graphing how many trees/acres can be planted to help endangered species in the South American rainforests.  Each month the Akron Zoo and the 5th graders will think and create new ideas on how to collect more aluminum cans to help endangered species and be real world conservationist and young scientist!