Congratulations to our Science Fair Winners

The 7th and 8th Grade students participated in the CCA Science Fair on Monday, January 30 as they presented their individual project to a panel of executive judges.
To complete the project, all students came up with their own scientific question or problem and used the scientific process to answer the question or solve the problem. Each student’s project included a research paper on their topic, designing and performing an experiment, analyzing data, creating graphs, then sharing their new knowledge.
Congratulations to the following students who had their projects selected by the executive judges to represent Corpus Christi Academy at the 65th Annual Northeast Ohio Science and Engineering Fair held at Cleveland State University from March 12-15.

7th Grade
1st Place – Matthew Hoffmann “What Color Greenhouse Makes a Plant Grow Taller?”
2nd Place – Garrett Bell “Does the Temperature of a Battery Affect its Lifespan?”
3rd Place – Alexa Milde “Do Natural or Artificial Sponges Have a Higher Absorbency?”
Honorable Mentions
Roman DiNovo  “Does the Speed of Water Affect the Wheel Rotation Rate of a Turbine?”
Matthew Mejia  “What is the Best Wood for Making a Fire?”

8th Grade
1st Place – Kenny Wolenski  “The Importance of Fluoride in Preventing Tooth Decay”
2nd Place- Audra Hartman “What Bread Types Go Bad the Fastest?”
3rd Place – Paige Sewell “How Do Different Coatings Affect a Pill’s Dissolution Time?”
Honorable Mentions
Desiree Smith “How Does Container Material Impact the pH of Water Over Time?”
Caroline Monaco “Does Mint Affect the Temperature of Water?”