And the word is Congratulations 

Spelling Bee Winners
On Thursday, February 1, sixteen students competed in the Second Annual Corpus Christi Spelling Bee. The spellers were determined and the competition was fierce. Congratulations to our Spelling Bee Winners: Nathan Sewell (grades 1-3), Ava Hills (grades 4-6) and Maeve Vasko (grades 7-8). Thanks to PTG for donating gift cards to the winners! Congratulations to All!

Representing the classes in the Spelling Bee were:
Grade 1: Marin Baumgardner, Bryce Lang
alternate Brenna Bindas
Grade 2: Grady Chamberlin, CJ Reed
alternate Karis Rice
Grade 3: Alexa Hills, Nathan Sewell
alternate Jason Rook
Grade 4: Lucia Killian, Erica Spohn-Papa
alternate Jaylah Long
Grade 5: Ava Hills, Samantha Ruszkiewicz
alternate Dominic Melnick
Grade 6: Megan Clifford, Chaely Raynor
alternate David Miller
Grade 7: Roman DiNovo, Anna Fallon
alternate Matthew Hoffmann
Grade 8: Paige Sewell, Maeve Vasko
alternate Sean King