Student Clubs/Activities

(Corpus Christi Academy Choosing Health Activity Mindfulness Positivity Spirituality)
is for interested children in grades 2-5. We will meet twice a month after school until 3:30. In a time when fast food and video games are at every student’s fingertips, we are striving to bring children back to the root of health and happiness. Students will focus on becoming the best-version-of-themselves both inside and out. Topics will include exercise, creativity, importance of healthier food choices, quieting the mind, spiritual growth, and positive self talk to name a few. Miss Shipley and Mrs. Phillipp are taking what they have learned together over the past few years from classes, seminars, and personal research and turning it into a child friendly, fun, and exciting club for CCA students. Both teachers are passionate about helping children be more aware and mindful of everyday choices! Stay tuned for signup info, updates, student testimonials, and pics!

The Creative Arts and Crafts Club
Instructors, Mrs. Hart, Ms. Mascia, Mrs. Mikulski, and Ms. Kopcak, welcome you to enjoy crafting and creating projects for yourself and others. Grades two through eight will participate in grade appropriate projects using a variety of techniques and skills. The following projects are offered this year; however, class sizes are limited.

Senior Crafters – Grades 5-8 in February will assemble a Family Collage Project.
Junior Crafters – Grades 2-4 – will create an adorable Easter Bunny Basket in March.
Junior and Senior Crafters  will join their talents in April to create a Mother’s Day gift.


Open to all 4th – 8th graders.  Sing hymns & cantor for school masses.  Rehearsals are from 2:45-3:30 on Friday afternoons.  Rehearsals consist of music theory games, vocal training, mass preparation, and drumming circles.