Full day Kindergarten program from 8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
                  Before and After Care programs are available daily. Please call for details.

Full Day Kindergarten
We invite you and your family to join us on our journey and become part of a strong Catholic community. It’s a journey that begins with excellence in Kindergarten and continues through 8th grade, with education and friendships for life.

⦁ Finding God
⦁ Worship and prayer
⦁ Family and Church community
⦁ Service
⦁ Calendar skills
⦁ Number names and counting
⦁ Addition
⦁ Subtraction
⦁ Measurement
⦁ Geometric Shapes
Language Arts
⦁ Phonemic awareness, word recognition, fluency
⦁ Vocabulary development
⦁ Reading process
⦁ Comprehension skills
⦁ Literary types
⦁ Sentence structure and composition
⦁ Handwriting
⦁ Grammar
⦁ Spelling
⦁ Scientific Method and Inquiry
⦁ Earth and Space Science
⦁ Life Science
⦁ Physical Science
Social Studies
⦁ History
⦁ Geography and map skills
⦁ Economics
⦁ Government and citizenship


Kindergarten Curriculum

The core kindergarten curriculum includes Religious Education, math, reading, phonics, and handwriting. Students also take part in activities in science, social studies, health and safety as well as attending classes with specialty teachers in music, computer, Spanish, art, and physical education. Instruction is guided by the curriculum written by the Diocese of Cleveland.
The kindergarten year marks the beginning of formal education for your child. We truly understand the importance of this milestone and look forward to creating many memories and applauding many achievements with your family.


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